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Training Workshops

12 Month Marketing Plan for Golf Coaches

Have you ever felt that you don’t earn your potential income at your facility? If the answer’s yes then this seminar will provide a plan to unlock your income potential!

With the help of a pre-seminar questionnaire, designed to help me learn more about your coaching history, this seminar will uncover your untapped specialisms and help you build an individual 12 month marketing plan, enabling you to send out attractive lesson products to all your current and potential clients.

The morning will focus on you. You will learn how to unlock those ideas, learn what to promote and when to promote it. You will also learn how to entice your prospective clients to sign up to your lesson promotions.

In the afternoon a step-by-step process will help you build a 12 month marketing plan with actual lesson products that you can take away and start sending immediately to your coaching database.

I would also like to back up this seminar with an online meeting for all participants 6 weeks after the seminar to evaluate progress and actively inspire participants to follow the process in future months.

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CPD with Sarah Claridge

Course Objectives

  • Confidently turn coaching knowledge into lesson products.
  • Know how to schedule the release of lesson products to clients.
  • Know how to create the hook that entices the client to sign up.
  • Follow a step-by-step product design process in the future.

Course Content

  • Pre-Seminar - Coaching Profile Questionnaire.
  • Facility & demographic considerations
  • Seasonal scheduling of product release
  • 12 month income aspiration
  • Step-by Step product build
  • Product hook
  • Booking process
  • Online follow up session