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Skills Profile Tests (A4) - Less Than Full Swing

Skills Profile Tests (A4) - Long Game

Skills Profile Tests (A4) - Playing Tests

Skills Profile Tests (A4) - Putting

Skills Profile Tests (A6) - Less Than Full Swing

Skills Profile Tests (A6) - Long Game

Skills Profile Tests (A6) - Mixed Tests

Skills Profile Tests (A6) - Playing Tests

Skills Profile Tests (A6) - Putting

Other Resources

User Guide

Website User Guide

Golf Physical Development (GPD) - Smart Guide

Golf Physical Development Smart Guide

GPD - Exercise Sequencers and Grid

Exercise Sequencer - Blank

Exercise Sequencer - Circuit Training

Exercise Sequencer - Creating Power

Exercise Sequencer - Creating Separation

Exercise Sequencer - Flexibility Selection

Exercise Sequencer - Long Iron Session

Exercise Sequencer - Mid-Short Iron Session

Exercise Sequencer - Range Session is Rained Off or Cancelled

Exercise Sequencer - Resisting 'Sway'

Exercise Sequencer - Short Game / Putting Session

Exercise Sequencer - Stability and Balance Selection

Golf Games and Exercises Grid

GPD - A: Warm Up Games

A1: Tip Taps

A2: Tennis Ball Tricks

A3: Flying Change Catches

A4: Crossed Club Footwork Drills

A5: Club Jumps

A6: Tripod Trick

GPD - B: Pre-Round Warm Ups

B1-B4: Squat to Overhead / Lunging Side-Bend / Lunging Torso Twist / Balance Twists

B5-B7: Spine and Hip Release / Hip Wind-Ups / Lateral Open-Outs

GPD - C: Tennis Ball Sequence

C1-C2: Left to Right Catches / Touchdown Catches

C3-C7: Flying Changes / Heal Balances / 360's / Press-Up Left and Rights

GPD - D: Club Stretches

D1: Three Planes Hip Drivers

D2-D3: Hip Twister / Pairs 'Open-Out'... The Double Banana

D4: Total Twist and Fire

D5-D6: Seated Overheads / Lying Overheads

GPD - E: Floor Core

E1-E4: Push Me Pull You / Rowing Bugs / North South East West / Under and Over Sit Up

E5-E6: Strip the Stick / Side-Bridge Challenge

E7: Pairs and Baskets

GPD - F: Dynamic Stability

F1: Partner Resists

F2-F3: Monster Walks / Elastic Monster Walks

F4: Balance Beam

F5-F6: Beam Jumps / Beam Twists

F7-F8: Long Beam Lunges / Long Beam 'Wipe-Out'

GPD - G: Balance

G10-G11: Medicine Ball Throw Sequence / Bomb the Tripod

G1-G3: Hand Wrestling / Wrist Follows / Kinetic Limits

G4-G5: Ball Dribble / Pick-Ups Put-Downs

G6: The Compass Challenge

G7: Three Plane Swings

G8-G9: Wood-Chop Balance / Side Stride 'Sticks'

GPD - H: Strength

H1: Bodyweight Classics

H2: Put-Up Put-Downs

H3-H6: Single Leg Bag Blast / Partner Holds / Hip Strength Challenge / Torso Twister

H7: Medicine Ball Swaps
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